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    Master of Business Administration (American MBA degree)

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    Master of Business Administration (American MBA degree) Empty Master of Business Administration (American MBA degree)

    Message  ICD Press Ven 1 Juil - 16:23

    Master of Business Administration (American MBA degree) in International Business Relations with focus on Cultural Diplomacy & emphasis on the Global economy and international dimensions of Business.
    The Joint Master of Business Management Studies (MBA) in International Business Relations will combine the traditional academic components of business administration with a new focus on Cultural Diplomacy and International Business components with an emphasis on the global economy and international dimensions of business. The program guarantees students additional expertise in the field of cultural diplomacy, a new and attractive field of studies, which is currently offered as an academic field only through the Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. This particular emphasis on Cultural Diplomacy with its historical and contemporary application in the public sector, private sector and civil society, provides students expertise in three distinct academic fields, giving an academic and practical advantage for the European, American and Global arenas. Combined with the fully accredited American MBA in Business studies offered by Touro College Berlin, the program provides a substantial background for successful future careers.
    The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree prepares students to manage business, organizational, and cultural initiatives within our increasingly complex global business environment. Through its innovative, interdisciplinary curriculum, this practitioner-oriented degree offers both novice and seasoned managers a comprehensive business education built on proven adult learning principles. The program integrates key foundational theories, models, and best practices from diverse disciplines, enabling students to develop global perspectives and practical knowledge for managing people and productivity in international environments. On a practical level, the international environment of the Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies and Touro College Berlin offers students a unique opportunity to interact with leading experts and academics from a wide variety of international organizations and research centers. This exceptional learning environment leads to original research and independent study opportunities. It allows students to create an extensive professional network and form a concrete base for future academic and professional career choices, preparing students for engagement in the international arena, civil society, politics, governmental organizations and international economic organizations, as well as the private sector.
    Program Curriculum
    The Master of Business Administration is an American 42-credit program that is normally completed within three semesters and one summer school session. Full-time students take four 3-credit courses each semester, for 12 credits per semester.
    The program addresses contemporary international issues, with classroom seminars, lectures, educational & cultural events, tours, visits, and meetings with foreign officials. In addition, CCI events and conferences at the ICD with luminaries from the political, governmental, industrial, sports and entertainment worlds will be further incorporated into the curriculum. The Joint MBA students will have free entry to many CCI events and conferences at ICD, with exclusive and privileged access to all ICD events and programs in Berlin. These provide opportunities to network and build contact with world leaders and prominent experts in a diversity of fields from around the world. Students will also be offered important roles in these events such as moderating or chairing certain components of the events, conducting interviews with high-level speakers and delegates and presenting & publishing papers in the framework of the events.
    Further information about the Program’s structure and curriculum is found in the content section and on our website.
    Individuals studying for the MA will represent a diverse range of cultural and academic backgrounds. Candidates will include recent BA graduates as well as young professionals who combine strong academic backgrounds with significant work experience. Individuals are required to hold a BA degree (or equivalent Degree) of minimum of 3 years studies. We do not consider any one element of an application exclusively. Rather, our admissions panel considers academic achievement as well as personal qualities such as strength of character, motivation and the ability and willingness to take on new academic challenges. Our aim is to attract students from a variety of backgrounds and countries that will foster a unique and diverse learning environment.
    All courses are taught in English, thus an evidence of adequate competence in English is required for the applicants whose mother tongue is not English. If you have studied at least 1 semester in an English language and/or have extensive working experience in the English language, a certificate/Document which attests this fact will be sufficient as well.
    To Start the application process, individual are required to submit the online application found on our website.
    Once submitting the online application form, we will then refer to you with an e-mail, indicating your application reference code and will outlining all the next steps, including the supporting documents required for the application.
    Enrolments to the Program are possible towards the fall, winter and spring semesters’ start each year. Applications for the program are accepted throughout the year. For additional information on the Admission Process and the supporting documents required, please visit our website.
    The tuition cost is €16,800* The fees cover only the tuition fees, and do not include housing or any other living costs and related expenses. Candidates who do not have a sufficient Business-related studies background (e.g. Mathematics, Statistics, etc) will be required to undertake, in addition to the MBA studies, preparatory courses worth 6 Credits at an additional cost of 2,250 Euros in total.
    Scholarships- Scholarships, equaling up to 10% deduction of tuition costs are available for students based on educational excellence and financial need. Although each scholarship request will be evaluated on an individual basis, students are expected to have an above-average grade point of 4.5 (of 5.0) in order to qualify for a grant and then to prove financial need. The Financial Aid application is a two-step process; Students interested in applying for a scholarship are required to submit their initial aid application request as soon as they have formally applied to the program, completed the first step of the application, and have been accepted into the program. Scholarships are then determined for the second and 4th semesters.
    For more information, please visit our website:

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